How it works

We take different steps to satisfy our customer with our procedure, of providing highly quality assistance.
We offer you our best team leads that will assist you and will cater all your requirements and will provide you with best results.


Define Requirements

Project requirements are conditions or tasks that must be completed to ensure the success or completion of the project. You will provide us a clear picture of the work that needs to be done and we will read out all your requirements and accordingly we will take our second step for making the project completion successful. The benefits of effectively gathering project requirements include cost reduction, higher project success rates, more effective change management, and improved communication among stakeholders.


Choose Experts

After the successful gathering of your requirements we provide you with the best of our professional team and it depends on you whom you will choose amongst them. You can easily choose our experts as per your needs. Choosing and expert is very important decision because it is expert on which your whole project depends. So, we suggest you to choose wisely.


Decide Hiring Model

We have categorized our hiring models for our customer to make easy to choose from them. The 3 types of our hiring model are as follow:

1. Dedicated Model 2. Hourly & Material Model 3.Fixed Price Model

You can easily choose amongst them depending upon the difficulty of your project and also on your budget. You should choose your model wisely that will cover all your needs and will substantiate to be your good decision.


Team Onboarding

As you bring new talent into your team, get your new hires off to the best possible start by helping them to integrate into your company structure, processes, culture and tone of voice.

On boarding on a remote team is different. It’s often done virtually: an introductory handshake becomes an introductory message and a welcome lunch becomes asynchronous greetings that might span several days across multiple time zones. After the successful completion of 3 initial steps you are now ready to on-board your team. You can now share essential information before starting.


Start Project

After the detailed discussion and completing the initial steps, now you can confidently start your project with our team. We assure you our professional’s team will complete your project as per your provided details and will not disappoint you for choosing RemoteCrew. We will provide your our best services until you will be 100% satisfy. So, stay confident and start your project.


Get Progress & Reports

After the successful starting of the project it’s you’re right to have detail progress report whether on daily or weekly basis. Report Crew team assure you that they will complete your task as per the discussed deadline they will not miss the deadline and will provide you daily progress and weekly reports of their performance so that you can discuss anything if it’s not according to your requirements.

Successfully completed 300+ projects for clients around the world

RemoteCrew has proved itself by providing extra ordinary services to their client all over the globe. We have always been a good add to our client’s team. We are a trustworthy creative company having a team of highly skilled developers, designers, writers, project managers and so on who will help you in solving your every problem. We have successfully completed our 300+ project under our highly functional team and have satisfied our clients.