Hiring Model

We have made it easy for our customer to choose any of the hiring models depending upon
their ease that is why we have divided our hiring model into 4 categories so that our client can get benefit according to their project.

Dedicated Models

Dedicated hiring is considered the best model of engagement in comparison to your in-house human resource. As a matter of fact, it confers flexibility in selecting your resource as and when needed. Moreover, it keeps you away from chasing offshore freelancers with lack of commitment. As an outsourcing business agency, dedicated hiring services save you a great deal of cost besides ensuring that the quality of work delivered is of superlative degree.

Dedicated hiring ensures a seamless handling of your offshore projects with multitude of gains to your business. Make a thorough check before associating with any offshore development company.



  • Axe your overheads
  • Remotely manage your offshore team
  • Bypass legal boundaries
  • Control over data security
  • Accountability
  • Nurture long-term relationship
  • Save your time and money by hiring a dedicated resource team
  • Freedom to focus on core business areas
  • Access to skilled expertise
  • Utilizing in-house efficiency
  • Time zone advantages
  • Reduce risk

Hourly Model

Hourly Model is a type of engagement model wherein you as a client can hire our resources on the basis of fixed hours to work on your development project. Here the work is done based on an hourly pay rate that has been agreed upon. The rate would be inclusive of all the resources working on your project and hence ensures full dedication of the team.

When the billing is done on the basis of time, you can control the entire time slot and choose to get work done as per priority ensuing guaranteed work that is rich in quality.Furthermore, you can easily identify the tasks which are causing the project budget to go overboard.


  1. Hourly basis payment: The cost of the project is calculated on the basis
    of per hour rather than a fixed cost.

  2. Tracking: You can track and gauge the task completion and observe how each hour is
    spent which results in guaranteed quality work.

  3. Periodic Delivery: The entire project is divided into smaller tasks which are allocated
    to the teams on a weekly/monthly basis.

  4. Periodic Reporting and Review: Hourly model presents the best opportunity for
    you to gauge the effectiveness of the project and review the performance of the team.

  5. Approval: All the tasks are listed under a task sheet which is tracked
    regularly and is shared with you to track the work progress and
    give approval for tasks that are completed.



  • This model is of low risk, that is it has a flexible and negotiable budget
    which is a win-win game for both the parties.

  • Flexible requirements. Work is divided into short sprints and results in
    an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). To meet the customer’s expectations,
    features can be added or removed.

  • Hourly rates. Customers pay a stated hourly rate a given company has.

  • Product quality. The product is well-tested and brought to near-perfection
    thanks to multiple iterations, resulting in high-quality software.

  • Transparency. The time & materials model allows clients to monitor
    progress as developers present reports on work accomplished.

Fixed Cost Model

A fixed cost pricing model is a model that guarantees a fixed budget for the project, regardless of the time and expense. The main advantage of a fixed price model is that it allows the client to plan and set an exact budget. Fixed cost pricing model approach is best suitable for projects with a strictly defined scope and requirements that won’t change. Any changes will require additional estimation and additional contract. So, one of the main requirements of using the fixed cost pricing model is to precisely define the scope and technical requirements up front.

Fixed cost hiring model is the best choice for clients who have limited project scopes with limited requirements. Under the fixed cost hiring model of web designing, web development, content writing, and social media marketing and so on we make agreement with the client over project possibilities and specifications. Our developers, designers, writers, social media experts start to work on the project after the completion of payment from client side.



  • Precise and transparent requirements, and well-planned milestones
  • Minimum customer supervision is required
  • The price fixed project will be completed within established budget and terms
  • Low risk for clients, that’s why a fixed price model works best for a small trial projects
  • Budgeting and Ability to Pay
  • It’s easier to estimate as accurately as possible
  • There is no financial risk for you as a client to go over budget
  • You have a lot of free time while your project is developed

Offshore Development Center

The offshore software development model now is evolving by leaps and bounds. For those who have doubts which level of outsourcing or business model will suit their business objectives. From the economic perspective, the outsourcing engagement into the development allows to significantly reduce costs for one or the other project. The reason is that the company will not need to maintain the additional structure and enlarge the in-house development department. All the offshore development models are the perfect fit for those, who are willing to pay only for the resources they are actually used or the development sprints actually delivered.




If you’re wondering how on boarding an offshore team can contribute to your project, take a look at the most prominent benefits of this collaboration model:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Service quality
  • Keep a laser sharp focus on the company's core activities,
    leaving employee and documentation management to the vendor.

  • Shared responsibility moderates the company's risk exposure and
    offers business managers a fail safe in case a project didn’t do as well as planned.
    You will be able to ask a vendor for a partial refund in case of product failure.

  • Diversity gives business access to various working approaches,
    perspectives, and points of view that are especially valuable when designing
    a product with an international audience in mind.

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